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5 Yummy Ways To Make A Delicious Turkey

Posted November 6, 2017
Blog Category: Holiday

5 Yummy Ways To Make A Delicious Turkey!

Turkey is the culinary spotlight of the entire holiday season. Whether you are looking for the classic roast turkey or something more unusual, we have got the ideal bird for your holiday table. Be sure to choose a recipe that will allow you to feel stress free, you want to enjoy the day! Here is 5 absolutely delicious recipes for Turkey:

Pomegranate-Glazed Turkey With Wild Rice Stuffing

This Turkey recipe will definitely satisfy the ones who enjoy the sweet and savory side of food! The pomegranate glaze that accompanies this dish is perfect and the wild rice stuffing will definitely be a change from the traditional stuffing that is usually had with Thanksgiving. Click here for the recipe.

Apple and Sage Turkey

This Turkey recipe has a fabulous fall taste to it due to the apples and sage. The best part of this dish is eating the delicious roasted apples! Click here for the recipe.

Maple-Roasted Turkey with Sage, Smoked Bacon, and Cornbread Stuffing

This Turkey recipe is perfect for any of the bacon lovers out there! The cornbread stuffing is one that you will be craving the next day when you are having your leftovers. Click here for the recipe.

Fennel and Citrus Roasted Turkey

This Turkey recipe is fantastic for the lemon lovers out there! The Turkey will have a great tangy flavor with a warm buttery taste. Click here for the recipe.

Perfect Roasted Turkey

If you are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey recipe but with an extra hit of flavor then you have stumbled across the perfect Turkey recipe. Click here for the recipe.