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Tips and Tricks For Combining Households

Posted September 20, 2017
Blog Category: Moving Tips

2 Tips for Combining Households!

Whether you just got married or felt the time was right to save some money and move in together, you may be struggling with how to fit everything into your new home. Indoor self storage can help! Storage units make it easy to hold onto all your things but keep them in a safe place, out of the way. Climate-controlled storage protects your items from temperature fluctuations too, so you know all your things are staying just the way you left them.

How to combine your stuff into one household

A great way to approach combining two households is to agree that each person gets to choose one small item and one large one of their own for each of the major rooms - living and bedroom and kitchen. If you're feeling adventurous, each of you can choose the things you like the most and least of your partner's.

Create a timeline for getting new things

You can also discuss putting an expiration date on some items like an old couch or dresser. Agree to hold onto something for six months, and once you have saved up for a replacement, you can choose something you both like. You could even sell some items you want to get rid of and use that money to shop for something together.