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Spring Is Calling! Save Up To 30% Off!

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How to Easily Organize Your Storage Unit

Posted October 5, 2017
Blog Category: Storage + Organization

3 Ways To Keep Your Storage Rental Organized!

One of the main reasons to get a storage unit is to help declutter your home. But what happens when your storage unit becomes the new cluttered mess in your life? These tips below will help you to keep your storage unit organized so you can easily find what you are looking for when you go rummaging through your storage unit.

Take Photos

Before heading to your self-storage rental, take an inventory of everything you plan to keep in the unit. Although a written list can be helpful, keeping a digital photo album of all items will make it easy for you to do some quick investigative work from home before driving out to your storage unit.

Label Everything!

Storage units are most easily kept organized when everything is in uniform cardboard boxes, so thorough labeling is extremely important. Use a thick black marker to mark every box with its contents. Stack everything with the label facing out to minimize the search process later on.

Draw A Map

All boxes in your storage unit should be grouped according to their contents. Before you leave, draw a basic floor plan of your handiwork so you know exactly what corner of your storage rental to head to the next time you need something. This also provides a great opportunity to utilize the SmartStop SMARTTRACKER INVENTORY LIST®, allowing for not only a detailed orientation as to where your belongings are within your storage unit but also a detailed inventory list for the items stored in your unit. 




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