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Storage and Organization Hacks for the Nursery


The number of items on the market for newborn care seems to multiply each year, and whether it’s your first baby or not, it can be easy to feel disorganized or overwhelmed with all of the stuff you’ll end up needing. The last thing any parent wants is to have to dig through a pile of blankets, toys, and diapers for the special pacifier that will soothe a crying child at three o'clock in the morning. The tips and tricks listed below should help you keep your nursery neat, organized, and easy to navigate — sleep-deprived or not. 

Create a Portable Pumping Station

This is useful for both in and out of the nursery. Setting up a portable pumping station is essential, not just to minimize potential discomfort, but to allow you the freedom to travel to appointments, social gatherings, or simply run errands without having to keep to a strict have-to-be-home schedule.

Over the Door Storage

A hanging, over-the-door storage solution is ideal for items that you need easy access to, but could take up a lot of space otherwise. These could be useful for:

  • Spare burp rags;
  • Unopened toys or accessories;
  • Diaper supplies such as wipes and ointments;
  • Medical supplies or first aid;
  • Extra collapsible fabric storage boxes/baskets;
  • Baby hygiene products.

Decorative Storage Boxes

Collapsible fabric storage boxes are any new parents' dreams. These easy-to-setup boxes offer great space-saving and organizational capabilities, as you can tuck them neatly under beds, on top of tables, or in cubbies. These storage units can also add some personality and color to your nursery, and help build a pleasant ambient environment that you and your newborn will feel happy spending time in. 

Take Advantage of Extra Space Under the Crib

This is a good solution for things you need in the nursery, but don’t need on a frequent basis. Excess or seasonal clothes, blankets, and sheet sets are great to store in shallow plastic storage bins or collapsible storage boxes in the extra space under the crib. 

Create Matching Outfits on Hangers

This is a perfect solution for parents that are always on-the-go. When you hang outfits up pre-matched, it can help with time management, packing for outings, or travel, as well as contribute to the general organization of the closet.

Place Bibs on a Hanger

It’s no secret that babies are messy, so you may find yourself with an abundance of bibs. A great way to store these without taking up room in a dresser or your kitchen is by placing several of them on a hanger with clips or velcro, and hanging them in the closet.

Hang Up Shelving Units

This can be especially helpful if you have a smaller nursery and need to utilize vertical space, and the possibilities are truly endless — you can get shelves in all kinds of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can use shelves to store practicalities like diapers, bottles, and changing bags to free up dresser and drawer space, or use them to keep decor and keepsakes like stuffed animals, framed birth certificates, or baby books. 

Organize Baby Clothes by Size

Organizing baby clothes by size is a trend that has been around for some time because it works. There are even specific hangers and hanging tags that have size numbers on them, allowing parents to see the size of each garment at a glance.

Place Outgrown Items In a Storage Unit

If you plan on saving items for another baby in the future, you may want to consider investing in a storage unit for your keepsakes and hand-me-down clothes and toys. Keep in mind the storage unit features when choosing a unit, so you can find one that best fits your needs.

Additionally, if you find that you need to clear out some space in a room to convert it to a nursery, utilizing a storage unit for displaced items can be a great solution. 

Invest In Convertible Furniture and Seats

Investing in convertible furniture is a great way to make your space more minimalist and de-cluttered without sacrificing functionality. Not only can convertible furniture save you money in replacements when your child begins to grow, but, if kept in good condition, it can be used for years. Common examples of convertible furniture on the market for newborns are:

  • Cribs to toddler to child beds;
  • Dressers with detachable changing tables;
  • Gliders or rocking chairs with built-in seat storage;
  • Carseat to strollers.

Drawer Dividers

When you’re thinking about how to organize your nursery, dresser drawer dividers can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re expecting twins or your nursery is a shared bedroom. Collapsible drawer dividers can be easily swapped when clothes get bigger or you need to rearrange.  

Place a Clothes Hamper Near the Diaper Changing Station

Next to your diaper disposal, you should have a clothes hamper for any clothes that may have fallen victim to a blowout. This way, you don’t have to leave the clothes on the floor to finish changing. Streamlining this process can keep your floors clean and can minimize hazards that may arise while changing. 

Being a parent to a new baby is hard work, but having an organized and productive space doesn’t have to be. If you’re expecting, getting your nursery organized in a way that is functional and pleasing can seriously improve your mood and the utility of your space while in the new baby bubble.

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