Organize Your New Year With Up To 25% Off!

Organize Your New Year With Up To 25% Off!

In-Store Moving Supplies For Your Convenience

SmartStop® has the packing supplies you need to make your moving experience easier – from boxes to bubble wrap, The Smarter Way to Pack®.

Image of a smiling man and woman carrying boxes to a car

Boxes: Variety of Sizes

We offer high-quality self storage boxes in all sizes, including wardrobe and file boxes:

  • SmartStop® Small Box
  • SmartStop® Medium Box
  • SmartStop® Large Box
  • SmartStop® X-Large Box
  • SmartStop® Wardrobe Box
  • SmartKit (Variety)
    • Included:
      • 5 Small, 4 Medium, 2 Large Boxes
      • 2 Rolls of Tape, 2 Rolls of Bubble Packs, 1 Marker


Image of a woman taping up a moving box

Packaging: Tape, Bubble Wrap, and Mattress Covers

We offer a variety of self storage packaging supplies including tape, bubble wrap and mattress covers:

  • Bubble Packs- 30 feet
  • Bubble Packs - 60 feet
  • King/Queen Mattress Cover
  • Twin/Full Mattress Cover
  • Packing Tape
  • Packing Tape w/Dispenser
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Shipping Blankets
  • Shipping Pads
Image of a row of storage locks hanging on a wire

Storage Locks: Keep Your Items Secure

We offer a variety of self storage heavy duty disc and cylinder locks to help secure your valuables:

  • SmartStop® Cylinder Lock
  • SmartStop® Disc Lock 

*Moving supplies pricing is subject to change at any time.

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