Smart Summer Savings! Up To 40% Off + FREE 1st Month!*

Smart Summer Savings! Up To 40% Off + FREE 1st Month!*

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SmartStop Self Storage isn’t just a place for stashing your home goods and documents. We’re also uniquely positioned to provide secure vehicle storage for your boat, car, RV or other recreational vehicles. Customers come to us for vehicle storage because we provide more than just space with a lock. What we provide is peace of mind. Our self-storage facilities boast gated keypad access as well as video surveillance perfect for:


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Motorcycle Storage
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Golf Cart Storage

SmartStop Self Storage has the solution to your vehicle storage needs.


We have a number of different-sized options, allowing you to find the space that is just the right size for your vehicle. With multiple locations around the United States and Canada, you can keep your RV, car or boat at a spot that is close to your favorite parks, lakes, or rivers. Whatever your vehicle storage needs are, we have a solution - store The SmartStop Way®.


Vehicle Storage Types

Car Storage

SmartStop offers car storage options at our locations across the US and Canada. Whether you need to store a car for a month or want to store your classic or luxury car long-term, we can accommodate your needs. We offer indoor drive-up units and both covered and uncovered outdoor affordable car parking storage solutions. 

RV Storage

Whether you have a small camper, fifth-wheel trailer, or even a full-size motorhome, SmartStop Self Storage offers storage solutions to store your RV. Let our expert customer service team help you decide if indoor, outdoor covered or outdoor uncovered storage will be best suited to securely store your precious recreational vehicle.

Boat Storage

Many SmartStop facilities offer flexible boat storage options for your boat. If you need year-round storage or just want a place to park your boat for the winter months, we can help you find the perfect storage space for almost any size boat. Smaller sized boats may fit perfectly in our indoor drive-up units while larger boats can be stored in outdoor covered or uncovered parking spaces.

Motorcycle Storage

Storing your motorcycle with SmartStop Self Storage is easy. We offer drive-up units as small as 5x10 that will easily fit most any motorcycle or you can choose to take advantage of our outdoor covered or uncovered parking space if you are not as concerned about protection from the elements.

Golf Cart Storage

Most golf carts will easily fit into one of our smaller drive-up units and you may be able to store other valuables in the same storage unit as your golf cart. This will provide you with the most secure protection from the weather. We also offer outdoor parking options for your golf cart as a more affordable self-storage option.

Vehicle Storage Options

Image of a open drive up storage unit to store smaller vehicles likes a car or small truck.
Indoor Vehicle Storage
When you need the most protection for your vehicle, indoor vehicle storage is the best option for you. SmartStop facilities across the US and Canada provide drive-up access units that can be used to store cars, motorcycles and other small recreational vehicles. These units allow you to drive your vehicle into the unit, close the door, and lock your vehicle in a secure space protected from the elements.
image of covered outdoor storage parking spaces for vehicles
Covered Vehicle Parking
If your vehicle is too large to fit into an enclosed storage unit, SmartStop provides outdoor covered vehicle storage options in many of our locations. This type of vehicle storage falls between an enclosed self-storage unit and uncovered outdoor parking. With this solution, your vehicle will still have partial protection from sun damage and other elements such as rain, hail or snow while providing more affordable self storage for your vehicle.
Image of uncovered parking spaces for vehicles of many sizes including motorhomes and large trucks and boats.
Uncovered Vehicle Parking
Typically, uncovered outdoor vehicle storage is more common and easier to find. This type of vehicle storage is commonly used for RVs, campers, trailers, commercial vans, larger trucks and many sizes of boats. Outdoor storage is typically configured as a designated parking space or open parking available for you to choose your space. Outdoor storage of your car may be the best solution for you if you live in an area with mild weather conditions or are looking for a more affordable way to store your vehicle. 

Vehicle Storage Benefits

Free Up Space

Storing your unused or rarely used vehicle can free up space in your driveway or garage without having to park the vehicle on the street where it can be exposed to accidents or possibly be at risk of theft.


Sometimes, you only need storage for a vehicle for a month or two. Our vehicle storage options are always month-to-month so you can decide how long you want or need to store your vehicle with us. There are no long-term commitments.

Protection and Security

Utilizing indoor storage for your vehicle will provide extra protection from the elements and inclement weather. Plus, your vehicle will be kept clean and secure. We also offer covered outside storage for larger vehicles as well as uncovered parking if you are looking for a more affordable option to store your vehicle while still providing the security of a gated property with 24 hour video surveillance.

Extended Access

Most of our properties have extended access hours, so you have access to your vehicle when you need it. You can pick up your vehicle at a time convenient for you to take that long road trip in your RV or just go for a spin around the block to give your classic car a little exercise.


How much does it cost to store my vehicle?

Vehicle storage costs vary by facility, unit size and features such as indoor storage, covered storage or outdoor storage. Pricing for a location in your area can be found online. Getting started is easy. Just click on Find Storage in the main navigation of our website and find the location you are interested in to see vehicle storage options and pricing.

What size vehicle storage unit do I need?

Understanding the size and type of vehicle going into storage will help you decide which size is best for your vehicle storage needs. Many smaller vehicles such as a car, motorcycle, jet ski or small boat may fit into an indoor storage unit, while larger commercial trucks, pickups, RVs and larger boats will most likely need to be stored in covered or uncovered outdoor storage. It is important to measure the length, width and height of your vehicle before choosing the unit size you will need. We also have a team of customer service experts that are available to help you with your vehicle storage needs from 6am – 10pm every day.


When should I put my vehicle in a storage unit?

Storing your vehicle can be done at any time of your choosing based on your needs. With our month-to-month rentals, there are no long-term commitments, so you can store today and pick up your vehicle when you no longer have the need to store it. Many people store their RVs and/or boats over the winter months when they may not be in regular use or they store all year long. The choice is yours.

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