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SmartStop® Self Storage has golf cart storage. We'll keep you on course.

Planning your golf cart self storage can be difficult after months of zipping around without a care in the world. Whether you have to leave town and don't have any space in your garage or just don't want the kids messing around with it while you're away, we've saved a spot just for you.

Choosing A Size

Choosing a size will depend on how many golf carts you need to store. One golf cart in an indoor space will need a 10' wide by 15' deep space to fully accommodate it. While an indoor space is ideal, a covered outdoor space will shield it and protect it against corrosion of plastic, vinyl and other less durable parts of your golf cart.

Other Requirements

Storing golf carts have additional requirements. Your golf cart must be in running condition, or loaded onto a trailer. You will be asked to show the registration and/or title of the golf cart. The vehicle is also subject to local taxes that vary.

Golf Cart Storage Checklist Guide

And, when you're ready to store your golf cart with us, be sure to download our golf cart self storage preparation checklist. A little preparation before you store means you're always ready to roll.

Golf Cart Storage Checklist

Make sure you have all the important paperwork

 Before you do any transporting, take a minute to make sure that the vehicle’s insurance card, title and license are all up to date.

Vehicle storage does have a few requirements:

  • Golf carts must be in running condition or loaded on a trailer.
  • You will be asked to show registration and/or title.
  • Depending on the state, vehicle storage tax will vary.

Battery care

Most of your focus should stay on properly taking care of your golf cart’s batteries - they are, after all, what keeps the fun going.

  • Take a look at your batteries and see if they’re clean. If not, disconnect the batteries, removing the wires from the negative post first.
  •  Scrub them down to a nice shine using a wire brush and a solution made of a cup of water and a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Make sure that all the caps are snug and fit the right way.
  • Next, remove the battery and wash the terminal using the same water and baking soda solution. If you live in cold weather, the batteries might drain, so keep them full of energy with an automatic charger.
  • If you really want to do the job right, spray some battery neutralizer over the entire system. You should get the spray in between the battery racks and the body panels. If you see any acid or chemical buildup, clean it off with the same water and baking soda solution.

 After you are done thoroughly cleaning the terminal, check the water levels in each unit.

  • Fill each cell up above the plates. Go the extra mile and use distilled water.
  • In a colder climate, leave the water level a little bit below the plate. If you want the technical explanation, here it is: a low water level raises the specific gravity of the battery acid. A lead acid battery will be harder to freeze. Taking this step slows down the chemical process of the acid in the battery turning into water, which is a good thing.

Proper vehicle storage

Now that all the battery care is out of the way:

  • Unplug your cart. You shouldn’t leave your electric vehicle plugged in while you’re out of town because the charge capacity of the batteries can be affected.
  • Also, don’t leave your golf cart’s brakes on. Instead, keep it in neutral to prevent any strain on the brake cables and make sure the brake shoes don’t lock up.
  • Place a brick behind each wheel to prevent any rolling.

Tire care

Walk around your cart and see if the tires need some air.

  • Pump the tires until they reach 20 to 25 pounds per square inch.
  • Check for leaks. Let the cart sit for a few days to make sure that there aren’t any slow leaks that you’ll have to take care of later.

Other self storage tips

Roll any weather curtains halfway down and remove any accessories you won’t be needing them until you’re on the golf course again.

If you live in colder climates, the see-through vinyl can get brittle and break apart.

Choosing a storage unit

The size of the storage unit depends on how many carts you will store and the size of each cart. You’ll want at least a 10- by 15-foot space to accommodate your cart. Also consider renting a covered outdoor unit. It will shield your cart from the elements and prevent any corrosion of plastic, vinyl and other materials that were used to construct your golf cart.

  • What sizes are available?
  • Open or covered space? Covered units add extra protection against the elements.
  • Is the unit climate controlled or covered? Do I need climate controlled?
  •  What fits my budget?
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