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For the month of October, $5 of every rental goes to fund breast cancer research.

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10 Ways To Create A Stress Free Thanksgiving

Posted November 13, 2017
Blog Category: Holiday

10 Ways To Create A Stress Free Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving approaching upon us it is time to start planning your Thanksgiving feast. There are many things that we worry about with Thanksgiving such as prepping all of the food, seating, decorating, and much more that we could probably turn this list into 100 pages! If you are hosting Thanksgiving then you should be enjoying the day as much as your guests and not having to worry the entire time. Follow these 10 tips to help take the stress out of getting prepared for Thanksgiving:

Create A Plan

Think of all the people you plan on inviting so you can get an estimated head count. From the head count number you can properly figure out how much food you will need to get.

Write Out A Menu

Before you head to the store you should create a menu so you know exactly everything you will need. If a recipe has a huge ingredient list, forget it! You do not really need five vegetables, three is best. You want to create a menu everyone can eat without having to make separate items for each individual person.

Shop Early

Grocery stores tend to become extremely busy the closer you get to Thanksgiving. By shopping early you can get your necessities right away like your turkey and then you can buy your perishables a day or two before you begin cooking.

Practice Your Recipes Beforehand

If you are braving a new recipe or using ingredients that you aren’t familiar with, try them out beforehand so you know they taste good and also it is important you know what you are doing.

Prep Cooking

Do as much food prepping as you can in advance, even if it is just cutting up vegetables a few days before, it’ll be one less thing you’ll have to do on Thanksgiving.

Table Setting

Get the table setting out of the way by setting it the day or two before. Also, if you have flowers as a centerpiece, they’ll look better once they have been fully opened.

Let The Family Help

Have the whole family help clean the house and prepare decorations before your guests arrive. Children would enjoy making place cards, folding napkins, and dressing up the table. By allowing the family to help it will put less stress on you having to do everything.

Easy Appetizers

A lot of times appetizers can be more stressful trying to figure out than the actual main course. Provide simple and easy appetizers for your guests such as nuts, olives, or figs and prosciutto. As it is, you don’t want your guests to get too filled up before dinner.

Serve Buffet-Style

By serving your Thanksgiving dinner buffet style, it saves on both space and cleanup time. Place your items in beautiful serving bowls and silver utensils, guests can serve themselves to seconds whenever they wish.

Allow Guests To Bring Desserts

Ask each guest to bring a dessert of their choice. By allowing your guests to bring desserts it will make them feel part of the team and that they helped with the meal.