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5 DIY Halloween Crafts For Your Home

Posted October 25, 2017
Blog Category: Holiday

5 Easy DIY Halloween Crafts For Your Home!

Halloween is a great time for decorating your home. Many people spend a small fortune on decorations and it should not cost that much to make your home look scary and fun. Since it is fall, the colors are perfect for the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving so many of these DIY crafts could even carry you through until the Christmas decorating season. Here are 5 DIY Halloween crafts for your home:

Ice Hand

To make this creepy looking ice hand: Get a clean glove and fill it with water. Freeze the water filled glove. When frozen, take the glove off and you will have your ice hand! Put your ice hand in a red bowl of punch to give it that creepy effect!

Glow Stick Pumpkin Jars

To make these glow stick pumpkin jars: Cut out jack-o-lantern faces out of black adhesive vinyl and adhere to the outside of the glass jars. Get a glow stick and use a knife to cut off the end of the glow stick and pour the liquid into the jars. Glue the lids onto the jars with E6000 glue. Allow the liquid to set for about an hour and then swirl the liquid around in the jars to create your own glow stick pumpkin jars!

Bejeweled Pumpkins

To make these bejeweled pumpkins: Use studded jewels with self-adhesive tape to decorate your pumpkins. You can create any type of design you would like to make your pumpkin look as glam as possible.

Bleeding Halloween Candles

To make these bleeding candles: Get one red candle and then gather 3 white candles. Use a few nails and push them through about half ways into the candle to give it a frightening look. Light the red candle, and with caution due to the hot wax, drop the red wax onto the white candles to make it look like the candles are bleeding

Ombre Wine Bottles

To make these ombre wine bottles: Remove labels off your wine bottles by soaking in hot water and then labels should be easy to peel off. First spray your bottle white. Then orange in the middle. And finally, yellow.