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6 Secrets To Make Cleaning Fun With Kids!

Posted April 18, 2018
Blog Category: Cleaning Tips

6 Secret Tips To Make Cleaning Fun With Kids!

Teaching children to clean to a parent sounds like a chore in itself. But though it can be very challenging to keep the house tidy when you have little ones at home, it’s not entirely impossible. In fact, the secret is to make your kids part of the solution, rather than the trouble. Here are the 6 secret tips to make cleaning up the house fun with kids:

child helps cleaning dishes

Start them young

Toddlers enjoy helping out and usually finding pride in their accomplishments. When cleaning and tidying up is part of the expectations you establish within the family, children catch on quickly and accept that they are an important part of keeping the house clean and running smoothly.

kid cleaning toys

Be specific

Give your child one simple task at a time. Telling a 5 or 6 year old to “clean their room” can be an overwhelming statement, but if you give clear directions such as, “put all of your dolls in the box” is much more clear for the child to understand.

family dancing

Cleanin' and dancin'

Make cleaning fun by incorporating games into different chores. You can play a song and tell your child that they must pick up all of their toys on the floor by the time the song finishes.

colored pencils

Color coding toys

Your child’s bedroom is a complete mess with toys yet you know they don’t have any intention on putting the toys back. Try playing a game with your child where you ask them to identify their colors and then once they identify the color, then they should take that color and put them all away.

Cleaning contest

Why not entice your kids to clean by offering them a fun contest. You could assign each kid a room to clean and whoever can clean that room the quickest would receive a treat.

Show appreciation

Always try to be supportive and encouraging as much as possible, even if the job isn’t exactly to your likings. Make sure to thank them for their hard work than insincerely praise them for a less than successful execution, and keep practicing the task again together and give them helpful hints that will make them more successful while tidying up.