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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted April 4, 2018
Blog Category: Cleaning Tips

Here Are The Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips!

The process of spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition that many people take part in each year to declutter their lives and get organized in time for the busy summer season. As you prepare to tackle the dust and grime that's built up over winter, keeps these spring cleaning tips in mind:


Organize Your Closets

Your closet is the easiest place to start your organizational adventure. Pack away all of your heavy winter clothes and take them to your indoor self storage unit to swap them out with your spring threads. As you're packing away your clothing, if you come across an item you didn't wear more than once this season, put it in your donate pile.

Clean One Room At A Time

The prospect of deep cleaning an entire home can be overwhelming, so break up the work by tackling one room at a time. Although cleaning one room a day will take more time, it will make the process much less stressful and allow you to maintain a positive attitude.

Swap Out Linens

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to update your home decor to match the season. When you head to your self storage rental to pick up your warm-weather clothes, don't forget to grab your spring/summer bed linens!

Air Out Your Home

Your home can get a bit stuffy in the winter because it's too cold to open the windows. As you're cleaning this spring, don't be afraid to throw open the windows and let the fresh air waft in. To add more pleasant aromas, pick up some fresh flowers or make some DIY air fresheners.

Don't Forget The Odd Jobs

Spring cleaning is the time to take care of those odds jobs you only do a few times a year. Don't forget to wash the walls, clean the oven, clean out your refrigerator and remove stains on carpeting and countertops.