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Smart Summer Savings! Up To 40% Off + FREE 1st Month!*

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Third-Party Management for Self Storage Success


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Let the same resources that have established us as a leading self storage operator help your property succeed.

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Why Use SmartStop?

The success of third-party management lies at the intersection of business intelligence and customer service

SmartStop Self Storage’s full-service third-party management program features a robust data science platform to increase your NOI. Customers benefit from optimized revenue management strategies and important operational insights that improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

We understand that the human component is equally important to your success. SmartStop is the only storage provider with two #1 rankings for best customer service from Newsweek. Whether it’s assisting customers in the store, answering calls at our in-house call centre, or responding to online inquiries, SmartStop’s professionally trained staff put their best foot forward to ensure your customers receive award-winning service.

With our third-party self storage management service, you’re not just getting the same teams, strategies, and tools that have helped us scale — you’re tapping into the recognition and trust of the SmartStop name. Let us show you what success looks like as our partner.


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Leverage the brand authority and credibility that has made us a trusted self storage operator. You’ll benefit from our in-house digital marketing team and sophisticated enterprise-level system integrations and software that automate lead flow to every store we manage, including yours.


Revenue Management

Improve your bottom line by letting our in-house revenue management team optimize occupancy and pricing strategies for your property. Our proprietary algorithmic pricing tools have the power to forecast market trends to maximise revenue behind the scenes.

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Field Operations

Entrust your property to our professionally trained field staff, including regional and district managers. With their local knowledge and years of industry expertise, they’ll help drive sales and oversee every aspect of day-to-day operations with a customer-first attitude, so you don’t have to.

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In-house Call Centre

Increase lead conversions and retain existing customers with our dedicated call centre agents located in every North American time zone. Equipped with extensive sales and storage expertise, they’ll answer all inbound calls, respond to questions, and tailor solutions to your customers’ needs.

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Reporting & Analytics

Track performance across your properties with exclusive 24/7 access to a free reporting dashboard that shows you real-time data, occupancy metrics, and other marketing analytics.

3rd Party Management FAQ

Why SmartStop?

Why should I choose SmartStop to operate my property?

Since 2008, SmartStop Self Storage has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in the business, with more than 150 locations across the U.S. and 20 locations in Canada, hundreds of five-star reviews, and national awards and recognitions.

As a partner, you’ll get access to our brand platform, cutting-edge digital marketing team, proprietary pricing tools, first-rate field staff, call centre agents, reporting dashboard, and more — allowing you to focus on the big picture of your investments rather than the day-to-day operations.

How do I know that my property will be treated the same as SmartStop-owned facilities?

We’re often told by partners that what distinguishes us from our competitors is our bespoke approach. In other words, unlike the cookie-cutter approach of other self storage operators with thousands of locations, we’re able to devote an extensive amount of time to each of our properties, with personalised attention and care. At the end of the day, your success is also ours, so we like to pass on the same resources and strategies to our own facilities and our third-party-managed properties.

Getting Started

Do I need to use SmartStop’s signage?

To ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform we’ve built with our customers and the public at large, we’ll need to set up SmartStop signage and other branding elements on your property. Setup costs vary, depending on the condition of the facility. SmartStop covers rebranding costs pursuant to a multi-year agreement.

What will my costs be once SmartStop manages my property?

We’ll work one-on-one with you to craft a bespoke budget for your property, using comparisons from similar SmartStop Self Storage properties to estimate cost savings and project occupancy and revenue. At no point will there be hidden fees — we always include a detailed breakdown so you know exactly what your costs are.


Can I sell my property to you?

We’re always open to acquiring the properties we manage, especially when they’re located in areas that align with our long-term investment and growth strategy. Feel free to reach out to our acquisitions team to learn more about the selling process or speak with a team member in greater detail.

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