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Moving to Puyallup, WA

Living in Puyallup, WA

Puyallup is a city in the Seattle-Tacoma Metropolitan Area. It’s named after the Native American tribe that occupied the area before the first white settlers arrived. Situated about 35 miles from Seattle and 10 miles from Tacoma, Puyallup offers residents the best of both cities. Though it provides easy access to the Puget Sound and lush parks to the east, the valley in which the city is built boasts plenty of its own natural scenery. With the Puyallup River winding through its green hills and acres of rich soil that once made it a major agricultural hub, the city is the perfect retreat from the bustle of Seattle — but still close enough for occasional weekend getaways. Though it’s quiet for most of the year, more than a million nearby locals and visitors find themselves heading to Puyallup for its unique attractions, including the Washington State Fair and Daffodil Parade.

What’s the Cost of Living in Puyallup? 

Puyallup’s cost of living is 12% higher than the national average, though residents pay less on groceries, restaurants, housing, and utilities than their neighbors in nearby Seattle.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Puyallup?

Puyallup doesn’t have official neighborhoods. At 14.24 square miles, it’s relatively small. That said, the city offers a mix of urban hotspots (particularly in the downtown region along N Meridian Ave, between W Stewart Ave and W Pioneer Ave) and surrounding suburban communities.

Regardless of where in the city you decide to move to, SmartStop Self Storage offers storage units in Puyallup within 5.5 miles of the city’s borders to suit all your storage needs. This includes both inside and outside units, uncovered boat/RV/vehicle parking, and heated floors to protect your belongings during the winter months.

What Are Iconic Things to Do in Puyallup? 

There’s something for everyone to explore in Puyallup, whether you’re a visitor or resident. Here are four things to do any time of the year:

  • Bradley Lake Park. Bring your fishing pole or a blanket and good book to this 12-acre lake and its trails, ballfields, and covered picnic areas. For woods instead of water, walk a mile northeast to explore nearby Wildwood Park.
  • Meeker Mansion. Built in the 1890s by Oregon trail pioneer and legendary hops farmer Ezra Meeker, this historic Victorian house is now a museum that offers daily drop-in tours.
  • Washington State Fair. Puyallup has hosted the Washington State Fair for over 100 years, pulling more than a million visitors for 17 days of livestock shows, art exhibits, rides, concerts, quintessential fair eats, and other festivities.
  • Outdoor Art Gallery. This free, year-round outdoor gallery in the downtown area features more than 50 permanent and rotating sculptures by artists throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Moving to Puyallup: Resources and Checklists

Other Washington State Storage Units Near You

SmartStop Self Storage has more than 157 facilities across 118 cities in the U.S. and Canada combined. If you live outside of the Puyallup area, take a look at all our storage facilities in the Seattle-Tacoma Metropolitan Area and beyond to see if there’s a location closer to your neighborhood.

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