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🍁 ​Fall Savings! Up to 35% Off! 🍁

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Top 10 Holiday Organizational Tips

Posted December 4, 2017
Blog Category: Storage + Organization

Here Are The Top 10 Holiday Organizational Tips For You!

Imagine a tangled mess of lights, piles of random Christmas tree ornaments and boxes of miscellaneous holiday decorations. Take a deep breath and realize that that scenario does not have to be a reality. The holidays can make a mess of your home, but keeping your space organized can make life easier and less stressful. Here are some helpful self storage tips to get you organized and on the right track before, during and after the holidays:

Plan Ahead

Pull out an empty wall calendar and start filling in the spaces with things to do on specific dates. Include everything that has already been scheduled, like travel travel plans, parties, and work functions.

Write It All Down

Create a separate to-do list. Include gift shopping for specific people, rooms that need to be decorated or prepped for guests, who to send out holiday cards to and what meals need to be prepared.

Involve Others

All of the planning and scheduling can be overwhelming for just one person. Give an incentive - like a pizza party or a night out on the town - to family members and friends to convince them to help out.

Set Limits

Wanting your home to look perfect for the holidays is understandable, but don't over work yourself. Try to space out family activities and get-togethers.

Take Inventory

Make an inventory list of all the lights, decorations and holiday doo-dads you own. Now that you know what you have, you can figure out what you'll need to prepare your home for guests.

Set Deadlines

Setting a deadline to finish certain tasks is a great way to cross off items on your to-do list. You can prioritize by importance or urgency.

Pack It All Up

Clear, labeled plastic bins are your best bet for storing your holiday items. Pests won't be able to enter the bins like they do cardboard boxes, and the chances of mold and mildew growing are slim.

Proper Storage

Don't just throw your decorations into your labeled boxes. Get tissue paper or egg crates to cradle delicate ornaments. If you are completely out of space, store it with SmartStop Self Storage.

Throw A Cocktail Party

Get everybody together and celebrate another successful holiday season!

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