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Smart Summer Savings! Up To 40% Off + FREE 1st Month!*

Storage Units at 1615 Franklin St Vancouver, BC V5L 1P5

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Size Disclaimer
Size Disclaimer: Unit sizes advertised for rent are approximate only and units at the self-storage facility may differ slightly in shape and/or size. Customers should inspect the actual unit to be rented before signing a rental agreement and should base the decision to rent on the inspection of the unit and not on the advertised unit size. Rental amounts for a particular unit are not based on square footage measurements.

Explore Our Range of Self-Storage Unit Sizes in Vancouver, British Columbia

Our self-storage facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia offer a wide range of storage units to accommodate your needs. All of our storage units are climate-controlled and indoor to protect your valuables from the elements. We also offer some covered and uncovered outdoor parking for storage of your car, RV or boat.


Our storage units come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5ft x 5ft to 10ft x 25ft, and our most popular unit sizes in Vancouver are 5ft x 10ft, 10ft x 10ft, and 10ft x 20ft. Whether you need to store household goods, seasonal gear, small appliances, or other household items, we have the perfect solution for you. We even offer small storage units for those who only need to store a few items.


If you're unsure about what size storage unit you require, our Size Guide can help you determine which unit will fit your belongings. And if you need further assistance, our friendly customer service specialists at our Vancouver facility are always available to help.


SmartStop offers convenient and affordable storage options near you in Vancouver, BC. Contact us today at 778-730-0300 to learn more about our climate-controlled storage units, rental storage options, and storage unit prices near you.


Secure Vehicle Storage Solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia


SmartStop Vancouver provides secure, convenient car, RV and boat storage solutions in Vancouver, BC.  Our on-site, covered or uncovered parking is perfect for storing your sedan, truck, van, Jeep, classic car, or motorcycle. Our largest storage unit is 10ft x 22ft and can accommodate vehicles of many different sizes.


You can trust that your vehicles are safe with us, thanks to our 24-hour surveillance. We understand that your vehicles are valuable, and we take every precaution to keep them protected while in our care.


Whether you need to store your car, RV or boat for a short or long term, our vehicle storage options are affordable and hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle storage solutions at our Vancouver facility.

Frequently Asked Questions  FAQs

I need to access my storage unit at off times. When can I access my unit?

You can always access your storage unit during the gate hours with your assigned gate code. The gate hours are posted online and at the storage facility. If you need additional assistance, please visit during office hours (also posted online and at your facility) and your property manager will be happy to help.

Do the storage units have electrical outlets?

For safety reasons, we do not install electrical outlets in our storage units.

What items are prohibited in a self storage unit?

You may not store any items that are explosive, flammable, odorous, hazardous, corrosive or perishable. These items can include food, drinks, fireworks, propane tanks, chemicals, etc. If you think you have an item that you are unsure about, please contact your site manager for clarification. We also require that your stored items not have a total value over $5,000. If you're storing valuables worth more than this, please obtain written permission from the property manager.

Do I have to sign a long-term storage contract?

No! We understand some people have commitment issues, which is why all self storage rentals are done on a month-to-month basis. You can even pay your monthly rent online.

Does the unit come with a lock?

Locks are available for purchase at any SmartStop® Self Storage facility. The disk lock is recommended for the highest level of security. If you already have one, you should remember to bring it on move-in day.

It's time for me to move out. What do I need to do?

We're sorry to see you go! Here's what you need to do. We require at least 10 days written or verbal notice to the property manager or call center support team. Make sure everything has been moved out of your storage unit before your scheduled move-out date and the lock has been removed. Once the property manager has inspected the unit, it will be officially vacant. Please keep us in mind the next time you need self storage unit!

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Need further assistance? Call anytime from 6am—10pm.

Office Hours We are available by phone to answer questions, reserve/rent units or help manage your account.
Call anytime from 6am—10pm!

Fri 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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Fri 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Mon 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Features of Facility

Climate Control
Video Surveillance
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Our SmartStop location is conveniently located at 1615 Franklin St, Vancouver, BC., V5L 1P5. When you need self storage, we offer a simple, convenient way to keep your belongings safe. If you’re looking for climate-controlled units to protect temperature-sensitive valuables throughout the year, our Vancouver location has all the amenities you need at the best prices in the area.

Convenient Personal and Business Storage Near You

Everyone in the Vancouver area is welcome to enjoy our storage units. We’re located within 10 kilometres of the following neighborhoods Downtown Eastside, Burnaby Heights, Willingdon Heights, Renfrew Heights, East Vancouver, Dickens, Mt Pleasant, Fairview, Chinatown, and Grandview-Woodland.

Parking and Transportation. We offer indoor units, a drive up loading area to unload your vehicle and 2 elevators on the property. We are located East of Downtown Vancouver just North of E Hastings St adjacent to Canada Post-Woodland Dr.

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